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"The Cornelius Project A.s.b.l" is a non-profit organization providing, since 2001, a framework for creative talents to develop and publish innovative works.

We are a network of collaborating individuals and associations.

Contact us at info@cornelius.lu

Headquarters: L-2155 Luxembourg, Europe

Projects Portfolio

The following is a non-exhaustive selection of projects we have been realizing or participating within. Unfortunately it is not possible to list all project details on this page.

> Film Productions (ongoing)
Audiovisual creation has always been the core of "The Cornelius Project". Our lightweight production habits have allowed creating highly conceptual video art. Films have been projected at many events and have been broadcasted on the national TV chain "RTL Letzebuerg".
See a selection of films...

> Multimedia Productions (ongoing)
The possibilities of new media are exploding. "The Cornelius Project" has continuously applied technology by developing sophisticated websites, motion graphics, animations and interactive applications.

> IT Research (ongoing)
We are actively researching and supporting developments in the areas of artificial intelligence, adaptive graphical user interfaces, real-time multi-user applications and related areas. Collaborations with university staff are being developed and extended.

> "TCP - a Platform for Creative Talents" (2004-2005)
An ambitious initiative through which we realized our objective of providing a framework for creative talents to create, expand and publish innovative works. Included workshops, publications, group developments, TV & radio broadcasts, community website(s). (www.tcp.lu discontinued).

> Music Label "Grand Duchy Grooves" & Event Promotion (2003-2005)
We promote music that we enjoy and create opportunities for performing, collaborating and interacting. Activities include publications, events, interdisciplinary projects, international networking, etc. (www.grandduchygrooves.lu discontinued).

> Cellula Indietronica (2004)
A multidisciplinary festival in which we participated as artists and organizer of various workshops in the areas of digital video, web development and animation. We also audiovisually documented the event.

> "Konschtkescht" (2003, ongoing)
A micro-exhibition space for video art. A great idea initiated by CIGL Esch (www.ciglesch.lu) in which we participated as opening artists, content partner and webmasters.  ("Konschtkescht" webpage discontinued)

> "Painting Cornelius - The Gene" (2003, ongoing)
An international, inter-disciplinary project in which 27 artists portrayed CORNELIUS according to their creative inspiration and interpretation. An initial public exhibition took place in May 2003, artist presentations and filmed documentations were released in 2004. See the "Painting Cornelius" website. Follow-up editions are planned.

> STEELWORX music festival (2002)
90'000 visitors - the biggest festival ever in Luxembourg, featuring international bands...
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Luxembourg Government asked THE CORNELIUS PROJECT for the... "Creation, development, and execution of an audiovisual concept to be shown at the occasion of the STEELWORX music festival celebrating the 50th anniversary of the ECSC. (European Coal and Steel Community / Communauté Européenne du Charbon et de l'Acier - CECA).

> "Aplika - Applied Creativity Organization" (2002, ongoing)
A workshop: about 10 people lock themselves into a dynamic working environment. They perform a realistic brainstorming exercise for the duration of a week. The dynamics of a visionary group creates an idealist case study. They name it "Aplika - Applied Creativity Organization".
The results are published as a multimedia presentation, a printed brochure and a detailed "Business Plan". Aplika then is discussed in a round of presentations to government and business institutions. Successful spin-off projects become reality.

> Luxembourg National Day Festivities 2002
Outdoor projection of films

> Elektrofabrik (Dec 2001)
An event concept launched in December 2001 at the well-known "Kulturfabrik" (www.kulturfabrik.lu). An evening devoted to electronic music and concept-driven projections.

> Terres Rouges music festival (2001)
The first big festival in Luxembourg... Due to the success of FODES, we were asked to produce 75 minutes of video projects for the Terres Rouges music festival, during the changeovers of the featured international bands like Morcheeba, Hooverphonic, and Placebo. A big thank you to Atelier" (www.atelier.lu) for believing in us.

> Luxembourg National Day Festivities 2001 - Avant-Premiere of FODES
The happening that launched "The Cornelius Project". An outdoor projection attended by hundreds of people, followed by a private projection in the hip Mesa Verde venue. Thank you, Luss.

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